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The cost of renewable energy has witnessed a steady decline owing to, among other things, technological development, conducive policies and economies of scale. Even with subsidies declining through the last 5 years, there is a significant long-term, competitive advantage to be gained through its use. This preSends a huge opportunity to investors and large energy consumers alike.

Renewable power is accessible through 2 modes on a pay per use basis: the traditional Third Party Sale Mode and the Group Captive Mechanism.

Advantages of Open Access Power

  • Cheaper than conventional power.
  • No separate transmission infrastructure is required. Power will be delivered through the existing line.
  • Allows for some variability in consumption in most cases.
  • Little (group captive) or No (third party) capital investment risk.



a.Viability of sale through Group Captive/Third Party mechanisms

  • Applicable consumer tariff and cost estimation
  • Net benefit estimation

b. Group Captive Advisory, if required

c. Assistance in Consumer Identification: Navigation through
    Regulatory and Energy Accounting Systems

  • Assistance in identitfying potential HT industrial/commercial consumers based on industry type, financial position, other power sources, etc.
  • Review and short-listing of consumers based on client's expectations
  • Assistance through the analysis of the wheeling agreements, energy accounting practices of the respective state agencies to identify risks and mitigation strategies.

d. Transaction Advisory and Execution

  • Initiating discussions with consumers.
  • Structuring electricity allocation and consumption for compliance and cost optimisation.
  • Assistance in drafting term sheets, PPA's and other requisite documents.
  • Assistance in navigation through related wheeling and banking processes.


  • Bill Reconciliation involving state agencies
  • Assistance through allocation, risk management and reporting for compliance
  • Invoice preparation and payment collection
  • Trouble-shooting