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  • Audit
    • Walkthrough energy assessment and savings estimation
  • Baseline
    • Energy consumption baselining
  • Consumption optimization
    • Energy Conservation Measure recommendation and implementation
    • Measurement and verification of savings
  • Sustain
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Ongoing implementation of savings



Deployment View

Typical Engagement Approach

Pilot: Typical Implementation timelines

Baselining and Measurement & Verification

Two distinct structures are followed for implementing Baseline and M&V process

Pilot Program Deliverables

Consumption based Monitoring and Management

  • Granular visibility into energy consumption
  • Energy consumption Baselining, Measurement and Verification services
  • Target vs Actual consumption tracking
  • Policy, Compliance and Schedule standardization
  • Increased accountability in all stakeholders through intelligent benchmarking

Load Segregation

  • Availability of consumption trends of major load groups.
  • Isolates cause for spikes and anomalies in energy consumption to load groups
  • Identify sub-optimal performance of load groups.
  • Helps measure impact of initiatives on specific load groups.

Auto-control with provision for Manual over-ride

  • Reduce chances of human error in schedule compliance and de-risk dependence on low skill personnel during staff only hours or lean hours to control equipment.
  • Manual over-ride option to ensure staff can locally take over the site during sudden increase in load

Benefits beyond Savings

Savings realized from Atria Energy Efficiency engagement will be able to fund this program

Asset Management

  • Comparative analysis of Service Consumption
  • Proactive identification of asset inefficiencies

MIS & Reporting

  • Standard and customized reports and dashboards.
  • Bird’s eye view of enterprise level energy consumption

Improved Visibility

  • Monitoring of loads across Sites

Increase in Employee Productivity

  • Better ambience for employees
  • Better Focus on key responsibility areas

Green Branding

  • Reduced Carbon Emission – Green Buildings
  • Next Generation Buildings with Advanced Energy Management System

Commercial Construct